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Welcome to our world. We are Essel Marketing & Promotions Pvt Ltd. Essel Marketing & Promotions is a leading name in the world of Corporate Gifting & Promotions. With a surpassing clientele across the board we are what you need …the Elixir for your niggling branding pitfalls, big & small. Do have a look & see what we can do for you & your brands. In an age when attention spans are reduced to a micro-second, it’s easier parting the sea than getting noticed. Brands get lost in the media muddle while conventional advertising more often than not, misses the focus. This is where we come in, with our ground-breaking brand promotions. We offer custom-made branding solutions for your brand within a highly affordable price-range taking your brand to the next level- all this without your brand managers & CEO’s breaking as much into a sweat. Our core expertise at delivering premiums is well known. From the Designing to the Engineering through Production we give your product everything it needs, anywhere on the globe. With our up-to-the-minute factories in India & China we are in a position to deliver the best in terms of pricing & quality-a world-class product within your reach. To cut a long story short, we come to you with an original, price friendly & a sure-shot promotional- pathway. As we look back, after close to 2 decades in the business we are happy to have earned your trust & help multiply your sales.

To achieve sustainable growth is our prime vision.

Profit : Maximizing returns to our Client, while understanding our responsibility towards them.
People : Being a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.
Portfolio : Bringing to the world a portfolio of the best marketing Solutions.
Vendors : Nurturing a winning network of Vendors and building mutual loyalty.
World : Being a responsible global citizen and making a difference.

We believe what we need to drive us is within us. (How true. But, for now, let’s trash the philosophy). For us it’s the intense need to “Cut through the clutter” that gives us the adrenalin to bother you with queries about you & your brand, to give it the lasting brand value it deserves.

Our Programs

Loyalty Program

It all boils down to team-work...an adage we firmly believe in & practice through our loyalty program that forges a strong bond between employee & the company

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Company Store

Brands haven't had it better. You can now host merchandise & also manage end to end sales execution, with our unique company store offer

Coming Soon

Essel Store

Grab what you want from our store sans the cumbersome process of shortlisting vendors. How cool is that!.

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Our Clients

"Values Mean Lot To Us"

We create value for our clients with our top business performance that gives you a leg up on competition while simultaneously enriching ourselves with our interactions with you. Our can-do attitude stands our partners in good stead at all times, as we deliver the promise & also exceed expectations, more often than not. Seeking lasting relationships rather than mere one-time-deals is at the heart of our business practice…a culture that has helped us ensure a harmonious relationship with all our business associates. Needless to aver to our clients, who often come from the same business pool, that we practice the highest standards of business ethics, ensuring water-tight confidentiality in all our dealings.

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