We are a marketing firm, with a creative bent.
Through our specialised expertise and generalist approach, we design all the marketing support you would ever likely to need for your business. From sourcing unique promotional merchandise and manufacturing innovative premiums to strategising a 360 degree promotional campaign, we can provide an unparalleled range of marketing services for your business.
Our Offerings
Trade/ Consumer Premiums
Equipped with multiple manufacturing capabilities and a global sourcing network, we can design a wide variety of promotional products that suit your campaign theme, brand personality and typical customer profile.
Brand Partnerships
Using our raft of experience and contacts, we conceive and create brand partnerships that can be used to tell a detailed brand narrative and move from awareness to engagement and ultimately, affinity or advocacy.
Character Licensing
Leveraging our creative resources and associations with production houses, we can help you acquire licenses of popular characters and build campaigns that make your brand instantly recognisable and irresistibly attractive to consumers.
In a world where market trends dictate brands’ fortunes, promotions are arguably the clinching factor that adds that extra zing to your brand. Our trendy and innovative promotions help you in elevating your brand to the next level.
Direct Sourcing
A strong sourcing and merchandising team at Essel, touches the four corners of the earth and can source any requirement within the prescribed timelines. Since we bring our material directly from the factories, we eliminate the middle-men, thereby passing on the pricing advantage to you.
Direct Manufacturing
Our high-tech factories in China and India have modern, up-to-date equipments, which we use to ensure top-quality and timely delivery. This also helps brands to price their product at competitive rates. It goes without saying that our creations align with the brand philosophy to give it an everlasting appeal.
Supply Chain Management
Our exhaustive supply chain ensures that the products are easily available at every venue, anywhere in the world while our efficient logistics team ensures no shortfall in Premia products at your factory floor.
Marketing to Kids
The ever-evolving kids’ market is one area that we have always kept abreast with. We continue to cater to various age groups in the industries making toys, tattoos, lunch-boxes and any such merchandise needed, at all times.
Safety Testing
We believe in the old dictum – better safe than sorry and so, we take full measures to harden the safety net. All our products pass the American and European safety standards. These are stringent tests and are the benchmark in safety testing, anywhere in the world.
OEM Products
OEM products need extensive market research and a thorough understanding of the brand philosophy to bridge the gap between the brand and the TG. Our impeccable research, more often than not, has helped us garner great results in various sectors.
Packaging and Displays
Each product has a different packaging need, varying from the shape to tenacity. The packaging solutions we offer adhere to all the specified criteria, before arriving at ideal packaging solutions for your products.
Promotional Gifts
With brands jostling for market space, promotional gifts are need of the hour. We specialise in ideating, designing and manufacturing relevant promotional gifts across various modern platforms.





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